Where have we been and what are we doing?

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Lisa and Keira

Sometimes life just happens and the course you were on changes dramatically.  Sometimes this happens without your control and you blink and you find yourself dealing with situations you had never dreamt of.


For us that is pretty much what has happened.  Life just become really busy, stressful, changed dramatically and we flapped around in circles trying to stay afloat.


But that’s what the great thing about life is.  We are always adapting, changing and evolving and while we try our best to plan and strive for goals sometimes we are just set on another course.


Over the past few months Keira and I have had our minds elsewhere dealing with new challenges like babies, moving, illnesses and family dramas.  All of which took our focus from our beloved Model Hideout.  With all the juggling of balls in the air our little website suffered but we continued to keep all our loyal Model Hideout fans up to date via our Instagram page.


With life so busy and a little out of control we realised we couldn’t do it all and decided to focus on one thing so we channelled all our energy into Model Hideout Instagram and in doing so we reached 10k followers which completely blew us away (thank you so much to everyone who follows us, it honestly is very humbling).


So what now? Our original 2015 plans have been a little thrown on their heads but we are now getting ourselves back on track and can pick up where we left off. For those who follow us on Instagram you will know we were working away on our second book and are planning on picking that back up ready for release in the next half of the year.


We are also going to get back into our videos.  Our YouTube channel has felt a bit neglected and we miss all of you too, so new videos are in the works along with a whole bunch of photo shoots and new pic’s from them.


BUT…we are back and blogging and can’t wait to bring you some more info from the next chapter of our little model community.



Lisa and Keira

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