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Where have we been and what are we doing?

Sometimes life just happens and the course you were on changes dramatically.  Sometimes this happens without your control and you blink and you find yourself dealing with situations you had never dreamt of.   For us that is pretty much what has happened.  Life just become really busy, stressful, changed dramatically and we flapped around […]

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Model Hideout big announcement of 2014…

In the New Year we mentioned some big news we were going to bring you in 2014 which is very exciting and is about to open a whole new bunch of doors and opportunities for not only us but also our Model Hideout viewers.   With January already having flown past and the vision of […]

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What does Haute Couture Mean?

The term Haute Couture is a French term that means ‘high sewing’ or ‘high fashion’ for outfits that are custom made one off pieces. This type of garment has been protected by law with only a few fashion houses legally allowed to use the term when advertising their garments.   For a fashion house to […]

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How to work the camera as a model

This is one of the most daunting things when you begin as a model, the photo shoot. Even seasoned models may feel nervous before a big shoot if they are working with a photographer they admire or shooting with our girls who have more experience than them.   However remember to remain confident as the […]

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What is a Catwalk

There are many different elements that form Modeling as a whole.   One major element of Modeling is Catwalk or also known as Runway or a Fashion Show. This is a showcase of new fashion from a particular designer, label, brand or even an individual clothing store.   When you hear the word fashion show, […]

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