Some cold hard blogging truths

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Lisa and Keira Jeorg

EEEK! Last July we declared “WE WERE BACK!”.  Yes it was necessary to shout that out in capitals because at the time we were back.  We both had a challenging start to 2015, got lost, found ourselves again and were ready and raring to blog and pour our heart and soul back into Model Hideout.


However just when we thought the start of 2015 was a challenge the rear end of the year showed us that we had only just been served the entree.


Needless to say our blogging stopped, our website suffered and our motivation to keep doing what we loved had dried right up.


That’s the thing about blogging.  It seems like a great idea, everyone these days is a blogger, wants to be a blogger or has an idea about a blog.  But then the reality sets in.  One weeks blog is missed, which turns into a month and then it all just gets a little tedious.  Not to say that we (or any of our readers) are tedious, but a thing called life crept up and just got in our way.


After some soul searching and beach dwelling over Christmas and New Year, we sat down and thought ‘where are we heading with Model Hideout’?


The truth was we still loved it.  We still loved modelling, fashion and the industry so the thought of walking away was never an option BUT the question did have to be faced.  So what was next?


Both Keira and I are no longer working full time as models, in fact our modelling assignments are few and far between.  We spend more of our time writing about modelling, teaching, coaching or assisting in styling photoshoots. So we have now declared ourselves to be ‘veteran models’ and want to spend our time empowering women of all ages to either give modelling a go if it’s their passion or inspire women to be confident when standing in front of a camera or an audience.


This year our focus is on our new book and continuing to work with our Instagram audience.  After spending months in draft and picking it up and putting it down we have finished it, sent it to the editors and have FINALLY (yes another shouting fit was necessary) got it in finished form to launch online.

Model Hideout Instagram

Follow us on instagram @modelhideout

You will also find us spending a lot of time on Instagram.  We will be styling photoshoots, participating in a few shoots, and looking into new brands and labels we find in our travels that we want to share with you all.


We can officially say we are back and over the second half of 2016 we will be in constant contact as blogging and chatting to all of our readers is our passion and whilst sometimes it’s hard and life throws you curveballs, at the end of the day, we love what we do.



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