What is a model casting?

Many models who are starting out are told they are off to a model casting.  But if this is a new industry for you, you may be asking…’what is a casting’? A casting is a term used when you have an interview in regards to a modeling job. This is your chance to impress and […]

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What is a Catwalk

There are many different elements that form Modeling as a whole.   One major element of Modeling is Catwalk or also known as Runway or a Fashion Show. This is a showcase of new fashion from a particular designer, label, brand or even an individual clothing store.   When you hear the word fashion show, […]

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Why do you want to be a Model?

The lure of multi-million dollar contracts, celebrity partners and thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers. Sounds like a dream, how on earth could this possibly be a career? And a career that is in reach for little old, normal me?   I am of course referring to the modelling industry with all of its glitz […]

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What is Modelling?

It might be wise to preface we are actually referring to the fashion version of modelling rather than the 3D computer modelling or that of business modelling. The type of modelling we are talking about is the fashion version. So what exactly is modelling? It’s natural to assume that working as a model simply requires […]

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Welcome to Model Hideout

Does the glitz and glamour of the modelling industry interest you? Do you love when the latest edition of Vogue or Harper’s Bizarre hit the shelves? Are you the type of person who loves all things fashion? Or do you simply want to know how to become a model? Well if so then the team […]

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