Quiz: What type of Model am I?

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We thought we would have a little fun as we often get asked how do you know what type of model you are?


Take the below quiz to find out if you have what it takes and understand what type of model you are.


When you are at a party with some friends, and there is a photo opportunity do you:

  1. Run and Hide, avoid the situation all together, photos never show your best side
  2. Strike a pose; make sure that the camera gets your best pose you have been perfecting.
  3. Be silly, poke out your tongue. Your friends bring out the silly side of you.
  4. Feel awkward, give a shy uncomfortable smile and hope for the best.



When you are on a shopping spree and needing some new clothes, do you:

  1. Panic, shopping for new clothes is always a stressful time and you choose what any other person would suggest
  2. Go for what is in fashion at the time, its important to keep up with the moving trends
  3. Look for something that suits your body shape, its important to flatter the best parts of you
  4. Find whatever is on Sale, you can make anything look good



When you have an important assignment you need to prepare for, do you:

  1. Start the assignment the night before its due, as long as its finished is all that matters
  2. Feel the adrenalin running through you, this is the perfect opportunity to show what you are made of
  3. Stress, procrastinate and over prepare, its important for you to be well prepared
  4. Settle in and get it done in one sitting, things like this comes easy to you



Thinking about having to stand in front of a crowd of people to speak, do you:

  1. Get all sweaty and nervous. Being in front of all those people is just too much to handle.
  2. Start to smile; this sort of thing gets your blood pumping.
  3. Get strait into finding out everything you need to know before you start
  4. Know that they will love you, just hope that they wont notice your nerves.



When you watch models working for the latest campaign, do you:

  1. Get lost in awe, you cannot take your eyes of these models, they are simply amazing
  2. Watching these models, has your heart dreaming that it is you up there
  3. Ignite your passion again, and start planning your approach to get there
  4. Relate to the Models, watch them in admiration and learn from what they are doing



What type of model are you?


Did you find that you answered mostly A’s?

You understand that it takes much more than a pretty face to get you through this career. You will have some very big hill’s to climb through your journey and always learning and improving along the way.


Were you always selecting B’s?

You have the energy and ability to shine with confidence as a model. You look forward to the lessons you will learn and will use these situations to improve your talents even more.


Did you find you related to more of the C’s?

You have a sense of fun and adventure, but also need to ensure that you have every box ticked as you launch into something new. You understand the work that you need to put in behind the scenes and excited to learn from the opportunities.


Are the D’s soundings more like you?

Crossing your fingers and hoping for the best is sometimes the best motto. Your journey is a big one, but you are very ready to take each step in your own stride and you understand the need sometimes fake it until you make it.





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