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Some cold hard blogging truths

EEEK! Last July we declared “WE WERE BACK!”.  Yes it was necessary to shout that out in capitals because at the time we were back.  We both had a challenging start to 2015, got lost, found ourselves again and were ready and raring to blog and pour our heart and soul back into Model Hideout. […]

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Where have we been and what are we doing?

Sometimes life just happens and the course you were on changes dramatically.  Sometimes this happens without your control and you blink and you find yourself dealing with situations you had never dreamt of.   For us that is pretty much what has happened.  Life just become really busy, stressful, changed dramatically and we flapped around […]

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Gemma Howorth – A foot above the rest as a foot model

A resume that boasts designers like Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin you don’t think of a Foot Model. That very often forgotten body part has paved the way for Gemma Howorth within the large world of modeling, where a body double for Heidi Klum and Kate Moss is just a day in the life as […]

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