Model Hideout big announcement of 2014…

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In the New Year we mentioned some big news we were going to bring you in 2014 which is very exciting and is about to open a whole new bunch of doors and opportunities for not only us but also our Model Hideout viewers.


With January already having flown past and the vision of our relaxing beach side holiday now a distant blur it’s time to move into overdrive and start bringing you the usual bits and pieces from the modelling world that we do here at Model Hideout.


But to start us off it’s time to share with you our BIG NEWS….


We are having a baby!

Our exciting news is that we are having a baby! Ok well not together but I (Lisa) am expecting my first bub which here at Model Hideout we are so excited for.  It’s going to give us a whole new area of the modelling industry to bring to you and show you just how beautiful, sexy and empowered the pregnant body is.


We are over half way and expiating our little Model Hideout bundle of joy in May and will be able to share with you the in’s and outs of baby modelling too.


First Bibs copy


A whole new world

After spending years being childless and navigating the world of fashion, catwalk, editorial, promotion and other aspects of modelling one encounters as a teenager to early 20’s it’s actually really exciting (and a little intimidating) to be navigating a whole new area of the modelling industry.


Yes Pregnancy modelling exists!Pregnancy modelling

Whilst keeping my pregnancy relatively under wraps I began the research into pregnancy modelling.  As I flicked through pregnancy magazines and saw all these glowing faces with expanding bellies staring back at me I wondered “are these women really pregnant or are they models wearing fake bellies?”


So here my search began and with it unravelled my decision to dust off the portfolio and try my hand at pregnancy modelling.  Over the next few months along with all our regular articles and posts we will bring you my journey or working as a pregnancy model, the process of joining a pregnancy agency and how to stay in shape for modelling during your pregnancy.


So as always stay tuned for the next few months of a whole new world.



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