Marisha Dudek Photographer who is creating a story through art

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Marisha Dudek Photoshoot with Model Hideout

Marisha Dudek Photoshoot with Model Hideout

We need to wind back the clock a bit, ok A LOT! We first met and shot with Marisha over a year ago now and as we have mentioned in a previous post, life took us on a few different twists and turns, so our interview with Marisha never made it beyond our inbox!

However we had never forgotten about Marisha or the interview.  There was no way we could! From the minute we met Marisha she was absolutely awesome and we had such a fun time shooting with her.  To be honest, our meeting wasn’t ideal. I was running REALLY late and everything that could have gone wrong did! My flight was late, my accommodation wouldn’t book me in, the car seat didn’t fit and we hadn’t planned on having Indiana at the shoot with us but in the end there was no other option.  And of this particular stressful, rainy, cold Melbourne day, Miss Indiana was also very grumpy!

Marisha Dudek Profile pic ©Marisha Dudek Photography

Marisha Dudek

Throw all of that into a pot and it makes for one stressed out model / mum, and one equally stressed out model / Aunty! We were going to get a lot of emotion on camera, just not sure if it was the emotion we were after.

Anyway despite our troubles for the day, there was a light and it was Marisha! She was cool, calm and not one bit phased by me running up the street, crying baby in the pram and utterly disorganised.  She smiled, told us not to worry and completely put us at ease.

So as I mentioned after too much time sitting in our inbox we are now publishing the interview (along with some of the pics) from the shoot and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!


Marish Dudek – Fashion Photographer

MH: Hi Marisha, thanks so much for your time today we are so excited to have been able to work with you and also share your story with all our Model Hideouters.  Like many girls dreaming of becoming models have you always dreamt of becoming a photographer?

MDP: No it wasn’t my dream at all would you believe, ever since I was a little gal I wanted to be an air hostess (giggling).  I always looked up to them, they are in my eyes as being elegant, kind and beautiful and no matter the trip, long haul or short, they are always looking fresh and smiling.  Plus travelling and seeing the world was just a bonus.

I didn’t discover the importance and love for photography truly until I migrated to Australia in 1992.


MH: What or who was it that inspired you to follow your passion and start your career in photography?

MDP: I would have to say a friend from Los Angeles opened my eyes to photography, he is a brilliant artist himself and I clearly remember sitting with him in his apartment on Venice beach looking through all his beautiful photographs and saying to myself that I want to be able to do that. However once the journey started I had a massive support crew who are my family and partner.


MH: How did you start your career as a photographer?

MDP: Studies, studies and more studies (laughing), I had no idea how to break into the industry so I enrolled at Photography Studies College on City road.  This place became the foundation and photographic support that I needed to advance my photography and guide me to the next step in my career.

MH: What has been your most memorable assignment and why?

MDP: It’s hard to choose just one as every photo shoot has its own personality and memorable moments, hmmmmmm I would have to say from the top of my head “Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2014”.  This was my first time shooting in the pit and all I remembered when I was waiting to get my spot in the pit was all the horrible stories I had read and been told about other mean photographers in there.  I was terrified as I don’t really have a mean bone in my body.

I had the best time, there isn’t a better place to network and learn then at runway, the photographers where so supportive towards each other and there is no better way to learn than “just getting out there” and try.


MH: How would you describe your photography style?

MDP: I have many styles, however people that know me would say artistic, editorial, edgy and if I had the chance to do more of it, avant garde.


MH: How do you keep yourself motivated and your photography fresh?

MDP: Instagram is a brilliant source of knowledge, I follow so many artist and talents this keeps me on my toes and inspires me.  However the main source of inspiration is what’s around me, it’s fascinating what we do as human beings and Melbourne is just filled with creativity that would inspire anyone.


MH: What piece of advice would you give someone who is dreaming of following in your footsteps as a photographer?

MDP: There are so many different genres in photography, try them all out and then you’ll find the style you have that passion for…… Just go for it, get involved, give it a chance and take feedback wherever you can get it.  Most of all have fun with it.

Fun on Set with Marisha Dudek


MH: Things you say or do to put models at ease in front of the camera?

MDP: First impressions are everything to me, this first step tells me what I need to do to make that person feel comfortable in order to have a fun and enjoyable session.  One thing I remind myself and what friends remind me of too, is to always stay grounded, I always ask anyone new on set to tell me about them it’s extremely important to listen.


MH: What are some useful tips for aspiring models to think about when working on their first photo shoot?

MDP: Make sure that you practice practice and more practice.  It’s important that you love your body and be proud of it, this shows in your photograph.

Be aware of your facial expressions, emotions and moods are everything, be able to take directions and hit that mark.

For me it’s extremely important that you have fun, with fun you’re able to relax and once relaxed you can hit the mark and achieve that shoot.


MH: What are three words that describe you?

MDP: I could never get this question right…..hahahah

  1. Punctual
  2. Relaxed
  3. Creative

MH: What dreams do you have for yourself and your photography in the next 5 years?

MDP: I would love to follow the fashion world and be a travelling fashion photographer. Hitting those runways as well as location photo shoots with a brilliant crew behind me.  I also would love to own and have a successful studio to allow me to work on artist fashion shoots as well as those doors open to the new creative artist to help them on there path.


MH: How do our Model Hideout followers get in touch with you?

MDP: Email is always the best for me, I work weird hours and every chance I get I check my emails always.


FB: Marisha Dudek Photography

Instagram: Marisha Dudek Photography


Mobil: 0401 416 973


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