How to Overcome self doubt as a model

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Self Doubt quote

Lets be honest every single person in the world has doubts about themselves, whether it be the size of their nose, their relationship status or their job.  Doubts are emotions that remind us we are human and some of us need to learn how to overcome self doubt as a model.  Especially when you are considering a job or currently work in a job that is based solely on appearance these doubts can be even larger.


Self doubt is one of the most powerful little voices that I hear constantly, and learning to ignore this little voice inside you when you are constantly putting yourself out for judgment is one of the hardest things to do, and I don’t really know if anyone has this under control!


A quote from Victoria Secret model Cameron Russell during her TED talk video states that models are the most insecure people on the planet and in many respects I would have to agree whole heartedly.


Modelling can be a very shallow world where a girls worth is based solely on the size of her thighs or the colour of her hair, so it would only be natural to have doubts as a model.


For me the doubts are at their greatest before a casting.  When your head starts asking you a million questions. Am I tall enough? Am I wearing the right outfit? What should I say? What shouldn’t I say?


And most of all that creeps into the mind of every model at some point in time throughout their career “Am I good enough?”


It doesn’t matter, if you’re in school, if you’re working your way up to corporate ladder. If you’re working in retail or performing services for others, its that one thing that is always going to be there no matter what your path in life is.


As a Model, however, this is even hard, because you are constantly putting yourself through castings, auditions, go-sees to actually get the work in the first place. These are all part of your career as a model and have to be done by every model. But putting yourself out there for judgment time and time again is tiring and testing, and does not come easy. Not to mention once you have the work, you are then out in front of your peers, public, colleagues, future employers, potential agents just to name a few.


What to do about doubts

Modelling as a career is just so scary when you think about it, but we still cannot help but being drawn to this exciting career and are driven by every single part of it.

So we having included some points below that we believe will help you work on controlling that little voice and to start hearing your own!

  • Stop comparing yourself to the other models in the room. You are there for a reason and you ROCK!
  • Forget about what you think they are thinking, your mind will trick you with what the others are thinking, but you don’t know at all what they are thinking.
  • Outline your goals early, understand what you want, where you need to go and want to go. Understand what is required to get you there and how to get there. Keep your focus on this, never lose focus.
  • Surround yourself with positivity, read positive comments, books, chat with positive models. Negative energy feeds off other negative energy, so if you do not want to feed that annoying little voice, only positive thoughts and positive energy will get you there.
  • Identify your best assets, and work towards promoting these. Know what works for you, what you have that is different to everyone else. Use this, focus on this, learn to know you and understand you.
  • Don’t talk yourself out before you get there, it’s easy to keep walking past, to not put yourself in that position. But they are we model’s? We do this, we love this, we strive on this, talk yourself into it, give yourself a boost.
  • Stop listening to that little negative voice, the more you listen to more it grows. Learn to kick it, ignore it and forget it. This will do you wonders!
  • Remember your successful moments focus on what you have done amazing with your career, know that you can be even more successful with this.
  • Trust you and believe in you! The most import one of all, before you can get anybody to trust and believe in you. You need to believe in you. Until you do… it will be hard for someone else to.
  • Allow you to try and try again!
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