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My modelling career began later than it should have as a young model, like many young girls I dreamt of a career as a model, walking a runway, being in glossy magazines, and would spend any chance I could pretending to model, jumping in front of a camera, even just for a family photo. My first chance as a model began when I was 14. Being a young country girl, I managed to convince my wonderful parents into allowing me to attend a modelling course. I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world, training to be a model in the city which was almost 3 hours away.

My mum packed my younger sister and I up bound for the city for two weeks and my new little career. Well that’s what I thought anyway, the things that were possible when you were 14. I remember arriving late to my first class and having to tell the class my name. I could hardly get my words out, and when I did I think I almost yelled them I was so nervous. After the course I was offered a job in a major print magazine but to my horror, the job was booked at the same time as my family holiday to the Whitsunday’s. Not understanding at the time that this would be the first of many opportunities that came my way, I thought my career was over before it even began.

A lot has changed since then, however I remember how lucky I was that I got to have that experience. I would never have thought that as that naïve 14 year old girl I would end up having a career in the modelling industry finding myself working at national catwalk events, glossy magazines and televisions shows. I have met some of the most amazing people and many of them helped to shape me as a model and now I want to use this to help train many new models wanting to break into the industry or to even have a small modelling experience.

I have worked the Melbourne commercial modelling scene as a freelance model and made the most of what I could. One thing I did learn from all of my experience is that you can never stop learning and any chances you get always take all of the information given to you. I never turned down the opportunity to receive extra training, advice or criticism. I owe most of my modelling career to some very special people who took the time to take me under their wing and train me and this leads me to helping you.

The information included within these pages are to give you a chance to learn some wonderful tips and give you an insight into the world of modelling and hopefully help pave the way for you to take on the modelling industry for yourself.

Keira xoxo



Modelling was not something that I had given any thought to growing up. Born and raised in a small semi-country town, life was very relaxed and laid back with my days spent wearing runners and sweat pants, running around ovals or chasing basketballs in the gym. I had always dreamt of representing my country (Australia) in either netball or long distance running and I knew nothing about catwalks, high fashion or fashion in general. Despite dancing for 10 years and performing on stage, to me makeup, dresses and having my hair done was purely for a performance and once the performance was finished I was back into my gym attire running around outside.

I was always very studious and had my sights set on a career with the IT corporate world, with any hint of entering the fashion industry the furthest from my mind.

However walking home from school one day I was stopped by a photographer from one of the largest newspapers within the country and asked to have my photo taken, which opened up the fashion industry to me. From that day I entered the modelling industry and fumbled my way through trying my best to understand what any of it meant. My first casting I arrived in runners, board shorts, no makeup, no portfolio and no photos to leave behind. I had never done a photo shoot, walked a catwalk, attended fittings or opened the front cover of a Vogue magazine. I was completely clueless and out of my depth. However I persisted and continued along a very large learning curve and absorbed every bit of information I could.

Throughout my time in the industry I was fortunate enough to be a part of many runway shows, fashion weeks, some large advertising campaigns and have a regular spot as the nightly model on a top rating TV show, however, I was never completely comfortable in front of the camera or having the spotlight on me. Personally I enjoyed the behind the scenes aspect to photo shoots and fashion shows.

Despite not having a burning desire to have a successful full time career as a model I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the industry and felt I was much better suited to a behind the scenes role.  To this day I am thankful for the opportunity that came my way unexpectantly and have met some fantastic people and friends that still remain some of the closest I have.

Lisa xoxox