Welcome to our little site we are so happy you found us and stopped by. So what’s to know about us? Well it’s pretty simple really, we are two girls, Keira and Lisa who are now self proclaimed semi retired models who have turned their focus towards blogging and education in the modelling and beauty industry.


Rewind the clock back sometime as we were young teenagers (16) who started out in the glitzy, confusing and ruthless world of modelling.  Both from country Victoria, the world of fashion was foreign as to the information about how to navigate it, who to trust and what to do.


Thankfully we found each other and what transpired was 10 years of adventures, laughs, ups, downs, fantastic outfits, ridiculous outfits, blisters, broken down cars, keys locked in cars, parties, holidays and most of all friendship.


During all of this we had a little idea that kept niggling away at us and eventually Model Hideout was born.  We felt there was a huge gap in information for aspiring or current models about the modelling industry so we sat down and have dedicated our time and energy ever since into ensuring the information we bring to you is either via our own personal experience or through people and brands and we know, recommend and trust.


Model Hideout is dedicated to everyone at any age that is curious about the modelling industry or wants to learn more about the art of modelling.  Whether you aspire to the lofty heights of international supermodel stardom or would love to experience a photo shoot for a day, Model Hideout has all the information required to help you feel confident about yourself and to become the best model you can be.


We love to write about modelling how to’s, fashion advice, beauty products we are trialling, have trailed or just cant’ get enough of, food, exercise and diet and also those ‘other’ hard to ask or talk about topics like money, scams and dodgy agents.


So welcome to our little site, we hope you enjoy your time and if you want to see us daily make sure you check out our Instagram page where we are super active. Or of course shoot us an email at info@modelhideout.com