2017: Sneaky little year…when did you show up?

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2017…where did you sneak up from? It seems this post is a little ‘late’ but  nevertheless it’s here, we have welcomed in the New Year and are very quickly watching it zoom by.

Is it us or does every year seem to get faster and faster and the more you try to keep up the pace you just feel like you’re falling behind? Flicking back over last year’s resolutions made us realise that maybe we are being a little too presumptuous about our intentions each year as the list of 8 resolutions only saw 3 being achieved! (slight under achievers last year clearly).

Anyway as we welcome in a New Year we have sat down to look at the year ahead.  During last year we started to think at lot more about some of the products we use daily or new products we have tried and realised we never actually told anyone about them. So this year we will have a lot more product reviews on line.

We kicked off the year with a new modelling engagement which we can’t mention until it goes live (watch this space) and this year we plan to feature a whole host of up and coming or established models in interviews on the blog or on our Instagram.

So there’s no time like the present, time to put these plans into action.

Lisa & Keira xoxo


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