Where have we been and what are we doing?

Sometimes life just happens and the course you were on changes dramatically.  Sometimes this happens without your control and you blink and you find yourself dealing with situations you had never dreamt of.   For us that is pretty much what has happened.  Life just become really busy, stressful, changed dramatically and we flapped around […]

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How to Overcome self doubt as a model

Lets be honest every single person in the world has doubts about themselves, whether it be the size of their nose, their relationship status or their job.  Doubts are emotions that remind us we are human and some of us need to learn how to overcome self doubt as a model.  Especially when you are considering […]

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Why you should take an acting class as a model

Modelling is so much more than being physically beautiful or standing in front of the camera and smiling.  One thing you may not realise is that on many modelling shoots there is the need for theatrics and emotion so that the camera can capture a particular feeling. If you want to be the best model […]

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