How to become a hair model

Have you ever wondering how to become a hair model? You have heard about hair modelling but not sure how to get started? We will give you some basic steps on how to go about becoming a hair model. Previously we have explained what a hair model is and the good news is that there is […]

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Returning to the Catwalk post Pregnancy

Returning to the catwalk post pregnancy was both an exciting but also terrifying prospect. We always talk about modelling being a job about confidence in yourself and loving your uniqueness and returning to the catwalk now with a fuller figure was definitely a step to ensure that I had complete confidence in myself. I absolutely […]

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Learn to work your flaws as a model

Learning to work your flaws as a model will be one of your most important factors as a model, and the ultimate trick of the trade.  Everyone has them, every top model has them, but knowing how to work your flaws will help you succeed with style in your career. Although everyone see’s beauty in […]

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