Commonwealth Games athlete Victoria Mitchell shows the sexy side of athletics in recent photoshoot

Victoria Mitchell is well known around the athletics circles as she is an accomplished athlete who has competed at the Olympics, World Championships and Commonwealth Games and is set to step out again in the Green and Gold for Australia at this years 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games in the 3000m Steeplechase.  Where Victoria is not […]

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What are beauty pageants really like?

The term beauty pageant can seem like a negative term especially beauty pageants for kids.  Thoughts of self-indulgent Mum’s forcing their barely walking daughters into a beauty competition to trot around on stage with full faces of makeup, false eyelashes and manicures for their own fulfilment comes to mind.  To help with these images are […]

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What is a hair model

Sitting at the hair dresser or flicking through magazines and you see these photos of perfectly sculpted hair on radiant looking models. Have you ever wondered if these men and women are professional models or if they are just someone from the local salon?   Well we are here to tell you there is yet […]

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